Wireless curtain motorWIFI

Intelligent curtain motor

The integration of wireless and electric machine

Multiple control modes | blocked | scene linkage | preset timing

Preset timing, natural law

Multi group curtain timing preset, let life habits from the law

Stop in case of resistance to protect the motor

In the process of curtain opening and closing, the motor will stop automatically for protection

Light pull to start, power off hand pull

When the curtain is powered on, the motor will open automatically

Power off state, the motor will let the curtain slide

Scene memory

Whether the curtain is fully open or closed in the evening, the scene memory can make the motor easy to control

Omnidirectional control, from far to near

A variety of control methods make it easy for you to enjoy the sunshine in every corner of your home

Voice control
Touch control
Remote control
Mobile control

Wireless motor

It can be controlled by WiFi